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Welcome to The Pilates Room Studios College / Mission Gorge San Diego, here you'll enjoy a high level of Affordable Pilates classes with personal attention and support as you follow a Pilates exercise program tailored to your specific requirements. Whatever your age, body type or fitness level; whether you are training for an athletic event, recovering from an injury or illness, or just want to “get in shape”, Pilates is a safe and effective whole body workout.

IMPORTANT: All group classes and private sessions must be pre-paid and reserved through our online scheduling system. We do not have a receptionist on site at our studios, if you do not pre-pay and reserve your spot you will not be able to attend the class


AFTER YOU TRIAL: We Suggest you to sign up for our Membership (It's The Best Rate in Town), but we also have packages A LA CARTE.

BECOME A MEMBER! Sign up Before your Trial Membership Expires and SAVE $$$!



Our Equipment membership unlimited month includes 8 equipment classes a month and allows you to purchase additional classes online for a super discounted rate.


8 Classes included per month per month per class (Approximate) additional classes  
Introductory Month for New Clients $49 (8 classes) $6 $8 1 month after purchase
1 Year Membership $65 (8 classes) $8 $8 1 year after purchase
6 Month Membership $80 (8 classes) $10 $9 6 month after purchase
Month to Month Membership $105 (8 classes) $13 $10 1 month after purchase
1 Year Membership $105 $13 $8 1 year after purchase
6 Month Membership $120 (8 classes) $15 $9 6 months after purchase
Month to Month Membership $145 (8 classes) $18 $10 1 month after purchase



Single Class $25 $25 3 month after 1st class
5 Classes $110 $22 3 month after 1st class
10 Classes $190 $19 6 month after 1st class
20 Classes $320 $16 6 month after 1st class


1 = $60

5 = $55 per session
10 = $50 per session


Please take note of our 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel without a 24 hour notice, you will still be charged for the class.

College/Mission Gorge: 10330 Friars Road, Suite 118, San Diego, CA 92120
Is Mandatory that you Pre-reregister on-line and reserve you spot. If necessary, you can come late for a class, however if we have a wait-list or a stand by, your spot will be given away if you don’t show up on time and the session will be charged.

DOWNTOWN: All rooms are located on Kettner Blvd. and they are all on the same building and many times have 3 classes at the same time. Please be sure to show up for the right studio that you signed up for. If you sign up for the Turquoise Room at 6:30 but take a class in the Orange Room, you are holding two spots and will be charged for the two classes.

1702 Kettner Blvd. - Green Room
1758 Kettner Blvd. - Orange Room
1752 Kettner Blvd. - Turquoise Room

WAITLIST: If you are on the wait list an auto e-mail will be sent to you if you are added to the class.


Water, hand towel and Toesox: All the classes
Mat: EXO Chair

For your convenience we rent and sell these products at our fabulous boutique!!!


Here At The Pilates Room, we are committed to give you RESULTS! A healthier life and A Fit Body to get many "wows" when you are naked! We realized YOU are our SUPER MODEL and YOUR results and "fit bud" IS OUR BEST ADVERTISE! To acquire it, is necessary discipline and commitment to your workout routine. You have to exercise at least twice a week to get minimum results. That is why, unlike other studios, WE, at The Pilates Room, think about YOU! WE CREATED A PROGRAM, A REGIMEN for you to REALLY GET RESULTS! Our Membership was created having you "OUR SUPER MODEL" in mind! The rates are very low so you can workout more...the longer you commit the lower the rates are, The membership comes with 8 classes to be used in one month which is the minimum necessary to get results in a long run. If you want the results to be even faster, our membership allows you to get additional classes for the same discounted SUPER LOW RATE. For better results you should consistently workout at least twice a week, but we understand sometimes you need to travel etc, for that reason we crafted our membership to be flexible enough to accommodate more workouts a week so you can be ready to go! Or make it up for when you come back! What we mean by that is: you don't HAVE to do exactly two classes a week in all occasions, our membership only requires that you take 8 classes a month, so you can do 8 classes in two weeks to boost results and surprise your metabolism for example.
This is THE BEST RATE IN TOWN! And Yes, It requires commitment, but if you are serious in making changes on your body and health, AND BECOME A SUPER HOTTIE commitment is WHAT IT TAKES!!! We Help you with the Regimen.
The more you workout with us, more we understand your body metabolic response.
Just compare around and you will see you will get much more results in here and for the LOWEST RATE! Equipment Classes for only $7 for the entire year! You will not find anywhere else!

This is such a great way to help you stay fit for the entire life for a VERY LOW COST!!! YOU ARE OUR SUPER MODEL and we will compromise our profits in lowering our rates so you can workout more and we can see OUR MASTER PIECE...YOU... Looking Drop Dead GORGEOUS!

You must be wondering how to start. We suggest you to start by taking advantage of our "New Clients Special" membership trial or our Private Session First Time Trial. If you have never had any experience on the Pilates equipment before, you can start with our beginners group class or all levels group class. If you have a lot of physical limitations however, or don't feel comfortable in Joining a group class, we suggest you to start with a private class. Below we will describe the Pricing for our GROUP CLASSES and PRIVATE SESSIONS at the bottom of the page.


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We are here to provide you the Ultimate Pilates Fitness Experience. Once you start our Pilates program, you body will change so fast that you will be wondering why you haven't tried our Pilates classes before. We have been serving San Diego for over 9 years striving to offer the best quality in all our Pilates classes and ensuring that your personal goals are being achieved.
Our Pilates studio offers a variety Pilates Classes in small Groups of people per class providing you both: plenty of attention and affordable prices.

Among the traditional Reformer Pilates classes, Mat Pilates classes, EXO chair Pilates classes and Trapeze AKA Cadillac Pilates, we also offer our SIGNATURE Pilates classes exclusive to The PIlates Room: Power Pilates (Reformer), Pilates Jump Power (Reformer), Pilates Bootcamp (Reformer & Treadmill), Pilates Arms & Abs (Reformer), and Pilates Abs & Buns (Reformer). We Have many Pilates classes every day to better fit your busy schedule.
SAVE BIG!!! You don’t need to take a Private Pilates class in order to get started. Our “Pilates For Beginners”, “Pilates All Levels” or “Intro to Power Pilates” classes are designed for beginners and you will get plenty of instruction and attention as you save $$$. Private Pilates classes are also available online.


Group Pilates Classes - Includes classes using equipment as Pilates Reformer Classes, Pilates Exo Chair Classes and Pilates Trapeze (AKA Tower and Cadillac)

Private Pilates Sessions - You and the instructor

Why you should choose The Pilates Room?

* Qualified and Experienced Pilates instructors
* Pilates Group classes 7 Days a Week
* Excellent Location
* Parking Available
* We carry The Top Of Line "Allegro" Reformers Pilates machine, voted as the most comfortable Pilates Reformer Machine available in the market. For sure is our clients favorite. Try and see it.

* Diversity in Pilates classes: In Addition to the Traditional Pilates Reformer Classes,
we also offer our Signature Pilates classes designed for Faster Weight
Loss and Muscle Toning: Power Pilates (Reformer), Pilates Abs & Buns (Reformer), PIlates Arms & Abs (Reformer), Pilates Bootcamp (Reformer + Treadmills)
* 9 Years in Business
*You Can Book Your Pilates Classes Online Click Here!
* We Really Care About You